March came in like a lion and it's going out with a snarly tone. 

Humboldt can expect snow to move into the area overnight on Thursday, and that snow may come with gusty winds, reducing visibility for travel into Good Friday. 

Natalie Hassel, meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, says the current spate of cold air is thanks to a high pressure ridge drawing cold arctic air down. The clear, cold and calm conditions are about to change. 

“We see a system coming through with periods of snow starting on Thursday and continuing into Friday. It looks like 5 cm, maybe 10 cm at most.” 

The snow is set to cut a wide swath of the province with greater precipitation amounts elsewhere. Humboldt and the surrounding area will likely miss the brunt of the system, but the ridge could change its track as it approaches. 

The incoming low ridge is two pronged with a low developing near the Rockies overnight, and then the energy switches its centre to a low and an extended ridge working its way into the region from Montana.  

“The main centre of the low should stay to the south, but the trough that’s bringing the snow is well-defined in Saskatchewan. A lot of Saskatchewan will be affected by it.” 

The system may come with blustery winds that may cause blowing snow, reducing visibility on the roads. The like scenario is that the snow will move out of most of the province overnight on Friday. In the immediate wake of the system, cold air will re-establish itself over Saturday night.   

The good news is that warmer air will start moving into the prairies in the new week with daytime highs trending toward the plus side depending on how much residual snow is left.  

“It’s really hard to get much beyond plus 5 for a high if there’s still an amount of snow on the ground.” 

Early expectations are that the run-off will recommence in the early part of next week with temperatures in the afternoon launching well into the plus side starting Monday. Over Good Friday and the weekend though, get set for more snow and one more taste of winter.