Main Street Saskatchewan is holding their annual conference Thursday in the City of Humboldt.

Piggy backing with the Saskatchewan Economic Developers Association who recently had their conference here, the two organizations are actually sharing a couple speakers including Ottawa Senators founder Bruce Firestone.

Bruce Dawson, the Manager for Historic Places Program as part of the Ministry of Parks, Sport and Culture will also speak during the event.

He explained why they chose Humboldt.

"One of the things we try to do with the Main Street program is sort of the practice what we preach. We like to go out to the communities that we are working with and bring our events to them. It allows the members of our program that work in other communities to come see what that local community has to offer and supports the local economy."

Humboldt was recognized under the "accredited level" of the program earlier this year.

Dawson boasted about what the program can do for a downtown of a community.

"It's a heritage led economic development program so it restores a bit of that character of downtown looking at the heritage buildings for inspiration but also looks at restructuring the downtown. Support the businesses that are there to do what they do better and help fill gaps with new and exciting services and goods the community needs."

Kieron Hunt will speak as well, he is going to discuss downtown development and how it can work with big box store expansion. Retail realities and trends specialist Margie Johnson will also share her presentation during the afternoon.

The Main Street program has been in place in Canada since the 1970's and today, over 3,000 communities across the nation are a part of the initiative.

You can hear more from Dawson in his interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork below.