May Monster Cash giveaway, where you stand a chance to win $100.00 in cold, hard cash. But that's not all - we have an additional bonus draw where you can enter to win another $100.00! Keep your ears tuned in to 107.5 Bolt FM as we reveal where we are and how you can snag these fantastic prizes. 

This is our last location, but you might have to take a little drive south of Humboldt. 

Well, we had a winner for the instant $100.00 Daisy Smee!

Daisy Smee

Also, we did our final draw and congrats to Gloria Parker for winning $100.00.

Today's clue: In me, you'll find colorful rows, where shopping carts and baskets go. With shelves stacked high from top to floor, I'm a treasure trove, a tempting store. You'll hear the sound of registers chime, as shoppers wait in checkout line. But beware, the riddle I pose, what am I, where nobody knows?

Come and find me and be the fifth person to stop by and you could win $100.00!