The Humboldt Broncos are gearing up to get back onto the ice, especially centerman number 61, Lucas Ceccarelli. 

He says the off-season is nice and talked to us about what his downtime looked like. 

“It was good to get back home after being here for so long, we definitely missed it. Got to see some friends, family, and do some work in the off season. Got to go to the gym and hang out as well.”

Ceccarelli went back to visit family, just North of Toronto, which he says is a big change from Humboldt. He says he is looking forward to getting back on the ice and missed being away from it. 

“Super happy to be back with the guys. The game is feeling good, the team's looking good, so yeah, super happy to be back.”

 He says the team dynamic has changed with all the new players but is looking forward to where it will take them.

“A lot of young guys, good to see them. [Coach Barney] isn’t really scared to play the younger guys.”

He is looking forward to playing the Home Opener, set for Saturday, September 17. 

“Nervous, excited, excited to see the full team out there, and just feel the atmosphere of the EPA. Ready to go.”