The Mid Sask Municipal Alliance, which helps promote business and economic development in our region is launching a new initiative called the "Entrepreneur Development System."

MSMA Director of Operations Celine Favreau explained the basis of the EDS during a Humboldt and District Chamber of Commerce luncheon Thursday.

"It connects existing support systems as well as establishes new support systems and really the goal of the program is to build business within the region. It's to support the start up of new businesses as well as help existing businesses diversify and expand."

She expanded on some of the goals of the EDS.

"They see that as a strength the region has and they believe with a little effort put into that area there could be more businesses established and more people attracted to the region as well as an increased amount of investment from outside the region."

She explained that the initiative is going to bridge the gaps in the region by providing a necessary network through the four Rural Municipalities and nine centres they serve including the City of Humboldt.

The feedback has been positive so far as well Favreau beamed.

"Some of the economic development agencies that are currently in place across the region, we're hoping actually to build on those agencies support as well. I think that the opportunity is really positive and I think we will have good value in moving this project forward."

She said she hopes to meet with stakeholders in late February to discuss further development of the program.

You can hear more from Favreau below in her interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork and the Humboldt Journal's Rebecca Zimmer.