A local minor hockey team showed the true meaning of sportsmanship Wednesday night.

The Humboldt Atom 2 Broncos were the recipients of a $1,000 prize through a Scotiabank promotion.

But as coach Maury Simoneau explains, they had some extra cash left from their fees so they wanted to pay it forward.

"We chose to buy a Christmas hamper through the local Kinettes. We just really wanted to teach the kids about giving back to those less fortunate and really imprint something on them that they will remember when they are older and hopefully can pass on to their kids."

Scotiabank Small Business Advisor Patti Durand was taken back by the selflessness of the kids and their parents.

"They just approached me and talked to me and said there was going to be some funds freed up as a result and they were going to use it to pay it forward. That resonates with my nature personally but also Scotiabank as far as a community organization and the difference that can be made when people put their heads together."

Simoneau says they were happy to give back, especially given the time of year.

"It gives children an opportunity to do more than just play and also an opportunity to get involved in their community. We felt this was just a good life lesson for the kids in teaching them there is a lot of people out there that don't have a chance to play hockey or enjoy Christmas."

If you would like to support the Kinettes Christmas Cheer Campaign, call Kristin Rogers at 320-1229.

"I don't think this is the norm, I haven't heard of this happening before," Durand added. "So to set a precedent like this and hopefully an example others can follow means a lot.'

Durand says she will be passing this story along to their national leaders under the bank's "moment makers" initiative.

You can hear more from both Simoneau and Durand below in their interviews with Bolt FM's Ronald Quaroni.