King Arthur (Regan Widaiko), Sir Lancelot (Karsten Leonard), the court and the kingdom had their hands full with a series of trials in King Arthur’s Quest put on by Missoula Children’s Theatre on Saturday, September 16. The production featured young actors from a range of ages and locales in the region. It was the 10th performance hosted in the community by Arts Humboldt. The show was sponsored by BHP with the help of other local agencies. 

The appearance of a mysterious ghost (Astro Pascal) trying to deliver a message initially has the damsels in distress and the King’s court in a flurry. It seems Uther Pendragon has resurfaced in a ghastly guise to bring mayhem. Fortunately, King Arthur has his Knights of the Round Table to embark on a quest, especially since Lancelot is only trimming his nails with Excalibur.  

The crew soon must contend with an insomniac giant in search of slumber. He’s tired of being downtrodden and mistaken for a grassy knoll. 

Enter a dancing dragon with a dental dilemma. Along with a dose of Merlin’s misfiring magic, the King has plenty on his shoulders, and he fears those weights in the world will overwhelm him. 

It’s up to his loyal supporters, Guinevere (Olivia Knaus), Talisen (Michael Corcoran), Modred (Jayden Lockhart), Morgan Ley Fey (Zoe Bertrand), and the Lady of the Lake (Rio Hall) to get their monarch’s back. Together they let him know that it takes everybody to see the big picture and to work “one for all and all for one” to keep the kingdom safe and happy. 

As always, the colourful set design, the delightful music and the detailed choreography weave together to tell the tale. However, it’s the effort of the actors, who work hard during their week-long rehearsal sessions, that truly creates the funny and always inspiring tales audiences come to expect with Missoula Children’s Theatre.   

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