Big Game Damage can be an issue for some farmers.
Moose can cause significant damage to fence lines, hay stacks and some late standing crops.

Rob Tether is a wildlife biologist with Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Environment

"Moose population over the last 30 years has been gradually increasing in the farmland region of the province but since probably 2012-2013 due to liberal hunting seasons we are actually seeing that moose population is stabilizing."

The animals are in the final stage of rutting and are traveling further including throughout the Southern part of the province said Tether, "probably in the farmland where you will see more moose is actually in the aspen parkland, that band that sort of runs from Lloydminister down through Swift Current over to Estevan, that would probably have the higher number of moose in the farmland and the actual boreal forest of course is still where the majority of moose are still located."

Tether says this year across the province they issued just under 6000 hunting license allocations for Moose, out of that 4200 were issued on farmland areas.