The unemployment rate in Saskatchewan, seasonally adjusted, dropped from 7.9 percent in August of last year to 7 percent last month. This is according to the latest numbers from Statistics Canada, released Friday. The news came as the provincial economy saw 10,100 more people working when compared to July. 

The increase in jobs came almost strictly from full-time work, with 10,800 more full-time jobs, while there were 700 fewer part-time jobs. Despite the large increase in the number of people working, the unemployment rate remained at seven percent. This was due to more people being part of the labour force as they looked for employment.  

The Yorkton-Melville economic region had the lowest unemployment rate in the province at 4.6 percent. This was followed by 5.3 percent in Prince Albert and Northern Saskatchewan. The rate in the Saskatoon-Biggar economic region was the highest at 7.9 percent, followed by 7.7 percent for the Swift Current-Moose Jaw economic region and 6.7 percent in the Regina-Moose Mountain economic region.