SGI has released the number from the July Traffic Safety Spotlight, revealing that more than 5,000 Saskatchewan drivers were caught moving at an accelerated pace. 

Saskatchewan law enforcement ticketed 5,370 drivers in July for speeding or aggressive driving offences, which was the highest total in that category for the year.  

SGI reported an additional:

  • 468 impaired driving offences, including 186 Criminal Code charges and 282 administrative suspensions for exceeding provincial limits
  • 464 seatbelt-related tickets
  • 739 tickets for distracted driving offences, including 621 drivers ticketed for using a cell phone while driving. 

With children heading back to school, SGI reminds drivers that school zones and playgrounds will be buzzing with activity, and to practice safe driving, obeying speed limits, not using a phone while driving, bucking up, and driving sober. 

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