Saskatchewan government posts billion-dollar surplus in mid-year budget report

Saskatchewan's mid-year report is showing that the province is in an even better financial situation than it budgeted for.

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Humboldt Conservation Officers find abandoned deer near Lanigan


On November 26, Humboldt Conservation Officers were called about a white-tailed deer that had been shot and left to waste in a field southwest of Lanigan. 

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A great night for a lift - Muenster Community Centre celebrates

ribbon cutting

There was much chicken and much cheer in Muenster on Saturday night. The community was celebrating the grand opening of the new elevator in the Muenster Community Centre. The lift system, which cost about $100,000, was installed over the summer following several years of active fundraising. 

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Saskatchewan families describe crunch of living with rising costs


Destiny Tremblay is a mother of four who works as a server. She said the hardest part right now is affording groceries. 

"Definitely scraping by, I'm using all the money that I can get my hands on at this point," said Tremblay, who lives in Endeavour, Sask. "With groceries rising, it's really taken all of our extra funds. My weekly grocery bill has gone up by about 60 per cent. Every time I go to the grocery store, something else has gone up in price again."

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Director Aaron James meets film fans at Guitar Lessons screening

aaron James

Movie lovers were treated to a special screening of the Canadian film Guitar Lessons, along with a Q and A visit from its director, Aaron James. The event was held at Reel Attractions in Humboldt on Saturday night. The film continues playing in the theatre until Tuesday. 

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