Spending the last month in Humboldt was a great experience. I grew up in Ituna and Saskatoon, but I moved to Calgary for school when I was 18. Calgary is my home now, but it was nice to visit the place I grew up in and get away from the big city. 

I’m currently studying journalism at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, specifically for writing. While in my program I was also taught photography, film, and how to properly interview someone. I liked learning and having a rounded education in the journalism field, but there was one thing missing. I never learned how to do radio journalism! So, when it came time for my practicum placement, I got in touch with Bolt FM and left my mom, partner, and two cats behind for a month. I got to put the things I had learned to use and learn many new things along the way. 

I learned many things while I was working here. I was trained in how to go on air, and I got to publish my first articles under my own name, not affiliated with my school program. I got to meet so many people in the city while I wrote articles and recorded audio for going on air. It was so nice to connect with people and help them share their news. We had Radiothon and raised money for the hospital, it was wonderful to have been a part of it. 

Currently, I don’t know what my goals for the future are. What I do know is that I loved my time here, and I hope I can start a career in this field one day. I’m hoping to go back to school to get my bachelor’s degree in communications and media. From there I hope to begin my career. I’m thankful for everyone I met here, and for the chance to get to work with Sarah Miller. I hope I can come by and say hi again. I may be a city girl now, but somewhere deep down I still love the small-town atmosphere. Thank you, Humboldt, and I hope to see you all again soon!