Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck responded to the Sask. Party’s Throne Speech, presented this past week, that she says recycles promises and falls short on addressing the most pressing issues facing Saskatchewan people. 

“After spending the last four months traveling the province, our caucus knows what the most pressing issues for Saskatchewan people are,” said Beck. “Health facilities and hospital beds are closed across our province. It is near impossible to find a family doctor. People are struggling to find good, mortgage-paying jobs. Families are struggling to make ends meet, and instead of relief, the Sask. Party is making life more expensive by hiking taxes and fees and raising utility rates. The Throne Speech does not measure up to the challenges Saskatchewan people are facing. In fact, it eliminates hundreds of good paying full-time jobs through the SLGA.” 

 A release on behalf of Beck stated that the Throne Speech offered no new measures to combat the generational affordability crisis or the province’s broken healthcare system, despite soaring windfall revenues. She maintains the majority of the measures announced in the speech are recycled announcements, and that any new measures are based on Scott Moe’s white paper —  a document that has been widely dismissed and mocked by economists and experts.

 “When you produce a document that is so clearly flawed, it hinders your ability to attract investment and be a credible advocate for the people of our province. The white paper wasn’t created to get results for Saskatchewan — it was designed to distract from Scott Moe and his government’s failures,” said Beck. “Saskatchewan has limitless potential and a great story to share. That’s the Saskatchewan story we’ll be selling to the world as Scott Moe’s out-of-touch government plays political games.”

 Beck also weighed in on MLA Lyle Stewart’s decision to invite convicted murderer Colin Thatcher to the Legislature, calling it an “error in judgement.”