Marginal at best.

That's the response from the official opposition to the proposed Kutawagan Creek project to alleviate rising water in the Quill Lakes.

"They're rushing with a plan that is really no solution for anything but putting massive assets at risk," says NDP Deputy Leader Trent Wotherspoon about the province's plan. "The idea that government is going to push forward with what they call the cheapest solution, which is very short-sighted when you look at the potential devastation they could cause, and irreparable harm."

Over the past ten years, water in the Quill Lakes has risen by 22 feet, causing 27,000 acres of prime farm land, and 57,000 acres of pasture land wash away.

"This is a serious matter, and one that hasn't received the attention of government in the way it should have from some period of time," stated Wotherspoon. "We've been raising this matter directly with government for well over a year on the formal record, urging study and actions to alleviate the potential crisis."

That crisis could see an additional 60,000 acres get swallowed up, with over $100 million in highway and railway damage.

This has caused great concern from those in the area, explained Wotherspoon.

"We're hearing from so many, and I've been meeting with so many that care about our environment, that are conservationists, with those that value our wildlife - hunters and fishers. There is a lot of concern out there from farm owners through to municipal leaders."

Wotherspoon added that with no environmental assessment planned, the proposed action simply makes no sense.

The Kutawagan project has yet to be approved by the Sask Party government, but if it goes through, work could begin in the fall.

To hear more from Wotherspoon in an interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork, click below.