An additional licensed daycare in Humboldt has been in the works for some time. Now, the City of Humboldt has approved a Discretionary Use Application for the daycare to be operated at 113 14th Street. The application was made by the Humboldt Public School Child Care Centre which operates two other licensed daycare centres in the city. 

The Discretionary Use Application prompted a public hearing for those impacted to express views. No individuals or groups attended the public hearing at Monday night’s regular meeting of City Council and no correspondence was received regarding the application. City Manager Joe Day confirmed that all residents within 75 metres of the property had been contacted as stipulated in the zoning bylaw. The area is primarily residential in nature, but the Discretionary Use Application allows for the city to grant permission for the venture. 

A report presented to council projected that proposed use is not expected to negatively affect neighboring properties. Councillor Larry Jorgenson that the 1.5 acre space designated for the day care currently has few developed properties, so it should pose little problem in terms of pick up and drop off traffic or its operation.