Delays impacting the progress of the announced Lanigan K-12 school have been dealt with, and now only the weather can put the brakes on construction beginning. In a media release, the Horizon School Division announced that the project would be going ahead this spring with Quorex Construction Services issued the contract within a Construction Manager at Risk agreement.

Delays due to health restrictions and material supplies and costs put the project on hold, but the provincial government and the school division worked to find additional funds as the project design was reviewed for cost efficiencies. 

“We are pleased to take a step forward in providing the community of Lanigan and surrounding areas with a progressive, modern school facility,” said Mark Fedak, Trustee for Subdivision 4. 

Sask Builds and Procurement and the Division worked to find over $2.47 million in savings, while the Division Board authorized a contribution of up to $500,000 from reserves. These measures will allow the build to maintain its quality instructional space. 

“There was an increase of 25 percent to the construction budget that the government put in place for us,” explained Horizon School Division Director Kevin Garinger. “The current budget sits at $19.05 million for construction on this project and the future might see that number a little higher.”

Garinger says construction should actually begin over the next month or two at the latest. The hope is that the project will be completed in time for students to begin the school year in the fall of 2024. 

In addition to the cost savings realized by the construction management project with Quorex, a few minor adaptations to the design will help ease pressure on the budget. 

“We’ve taken out some of the overhangs, and we had a space we were going to utilize on the second floor as an outdoor space for agricultural opportunities,” said Garinger. “That is not going to be moving forward. The actual building itself and the programming needs will be met in the same way.”

The current highschool and elementary school in Lanigan will continue operation throughout the 2023-2024 school year as the new facility goes up adjacent. Once the new school is operational for the projected 400 students, the old facilities will be demolished, said Garinger. 

It’s been a delay of a year, but the new school, announced in 2020, is on the horizon, and that’s a strong positive for Lanigan, Drake, and the region. 

Garinger said, “This project is very exciting for the children of Lanigan and area, and for Horizon School Division. The new facility will benefit students for years to come, and we are grateful to be in a position to further this project.”