The 50th anniversary was a special one for Carlton Trail College.   

Last week, the year-long festivities ended with the unveiling of a pair of new additions, a mural, and a metal structure from two artists that will help create a unique impression for years to come.  

The mural called “Empowerment Ring” was designed by Kayla Hanson. Meanwhile, the metal structure was created by Murray Cook, a long-time welding instructor. A time capsule was also incorporated into the metal structure.   

Among the guests involved with the ceremony for the final activity of the College’s 50th anniversary was Melfort MLA Todd Goudy (bringing greetings on behalf of the Ministry of Advanced Education and the Provincial Govt), Elder Michael Desjarlais from Fishing Lake First Nation, representatives from Humboldt Cultural Service, the Humboldt Public Art Committee, and Humboldt Collegiate Institute students.    

President and CEO of the College, Amy Yeager, noted some of the highlights from the last year included the Community Appreciation events at the primary learning locations.   

Another benefit from the last year, was the continuing work of producing a mark of the College, whether it was an everlasting one like the time capsule or the present awareness with their online and social campaign.   

Yeager was proud of the celebration of achievements from the students and the College's overall impact, along with the support of donors.   

Even with the 50th-anniversary ending, she feels the conservation of the positive benefits of Carlton Trail College will carry on into the future.   

Plenty of work went into a year’s worth of celebrations for the college, which couldn’t have been possible without the College’s 50th Anniversary Committee. 

Director Jennifer Brooks 

Director Deanna Gaetz 

Director Bailey Williams 

Student Advisor Stephanie Buhs  

Project Coordinator Nicola Finnson 

Marketing Coordinator Val Koroluk 

Executive Assistant Amanda Kosokowsky 

Administrative Associate Donna Krause 

Digital Marketing Coordinator Raeleen Monks 

Program Coordinator Barb Nienaber 

Executive Assistant Leanne Sylvestre 

Student Advisor Melanie Zimmer