An exciting new track feature is the central core of what may soon become a fully-fledged multi-use recreation facility at Willow Point just outside of St. Brieux. A new skate and bicycle pump track has just been installed as a publicly accessible feature.  

The high-density plastic track is a ready built terrain feature with rollers, banked turns and other features for wheeled excitement. Originally built for mountain bikes and BMX riders, the tracks have been adapted to accommodate skateboards, scooters, wheelchairs – just about any non-motorized vehicle with wheels. The term pump track is derived from the pumping motion of the cyclist's body from which momentum comes, not just from pedalling.  

The track is the doing of the Jacqueline and Claude Bourgault Family Foundation, explains benefactor Claude Bourgault. After a career operating his own business, DryAir Manufacturing in St. Brieux, Claude said he was motivated to find a way to give back to the community and the region. 

“After researching, we thought the best way to do that in this area would be something for children. So, we decided we we’re going to work with the municipality that would cooperate with us to set up a park and start putting equipment in. The first thing we put in was a 210-foot pump track.” 

Bourgault says the European built and Canadian distributed pump track is the newest and most versatile feature in skate and bike parks. It provides a range of potential wheeled activities for kids from 2 years old up to young adults. The Willow Point track opened for business on the weekend, and Bourgault says there was hardly a time on the weekend when it was not in use.  

“We feel if it’s well used, we’d like to expand to a bigger one and add more features to it. The key thing for Jackie and I and my family is to make it clear that this is for everybody, not just for Willow Point residents. It’s a public park with the RM of Lake Lenore who has been super-cooperative. We’re thrilled to be able to see these kids having a blast on this.” 

The park is made possible through the donation from the Jacqueline and Claude Bourgault Family Foundation, administered through the Saskatoon Community Foundation.  

Bourgault and the RM of Lake Lenore want to get the word out that the fun is for all bike, skateboard or roller blade enthusiasts. It’s the kind of feature that may make Willow Point Park a destination with the promise of more to come.