STARS air ambulance and the Saskatchewan Health Authority have launched a new pilot project designed to facilitate digital connection from a response scene to assessment agencies.  

The program allows STARS Transport Physicians to use a video link to support providers treating critically ill or injured patients, providing immediate assessment, stabilization and treatment support. STARS has chosen to use the GoodSAM Platform based on its proven infrastructure, robust privacy standards, and ease of use. It is already in use in Canada and around the world by organizations including British Columbia Emergency Health Services and London Helicopter Emergency Medical Services. 

“This new tool is allowing us to provide care more precisely and timely, because when I am consulted, I can see the problem directly rather than having someone describe it to me over the phone, especially when they can often be in the midst of dealing with a very critical situation,“ said STARS Base Medical Director for Regina and Saskatoon, Dr. Dallas Pearson. 

A physician call is connected through the Emergency Link Centre (ELC) and transferred to transport physicians. With the call underway, a STARS Transport Physician can then offer to launch a video consult with the local physician to “see” the patient and provide more nuanced support, diagnosis, and guidance. The Transport Physician can then send the gathered information to both STARS Air Medical Crews and specialists at the receiving hospital, who can then prepare for the best course of treatment. 

“Our commitment to the highest quality of critical care includes always looking for innovative ways to provide care to our patients,” said STARS Chief Clinical Officer and Flight Nurse Cindy Seidl. “This new tool will help our Transport Physician’s and medical crews quickly diagnose the patient and provide stabilization advice while our transport teams are enroute. Our enhanced ability to provide quick and efficient treatment will ultimately save time and lives.” 

STARS has worked closely with the Saskatchewan Health Authority to ensure that this new tool conforms to the provincial health standards governing virtual care and looks forward to working with them to continue improving this program.