There’s another change for the grains sector.

Funding for the Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF) and CIGI through the Western Canadian Deduction fund ended July 31st.

As a result, the Western Canadian Wheat Commissions have come together to form the Canadian Wheat Research Coalition to coordinate producer funding for crop variety development and agronomy.

Bill Gehl, Chair for the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission, says they will be picking up right where the WGRF left off.

"Western Canadian farmers had a levy for the last 30 years that had been paid to the WGRF - that has changed. The provincial commissions have now taken on that responsibility as well as the funding of CIGI. With the demise of the Canadian Wheat Board, there have been a lot of changes. This really is just a matter of the provincial commissions doing the work that the WGRF had done in the past."

The new Canadian Wheat Research Coalition will be administered by a host commission that will rotate every three years starting with Sask Wheat.

Saskatchewan representatives on the new board will include Ken Rosaasen, Glenn Tait and Laura Reiter.