The ever rising waters of the Quill Lakes is taking away valuable farm land plus costing area residents and the provincial government thousands, perhaps millions of dollars.

The Water Security Agency is looking at ways to help alleviate some water from the lakes so this week beginning Tuesday they will hold a trio of open houses where anyone can attend and find out more regarding the situation.

Representatives from Golder Associates, the company hired by the WSA to look at the issue and provide project options to reduce risk of overflow and mitigate damage to infrastructure and farmland.

The WSA says the Quill Lakes are a "unique and challenging issue" for three reasons; the Quill Lakes are terminal basins and therefore do not have a natural outlet; the water in the lakes is saline; and there is the potential for the Quill Lakes to overflow into Last Mountain Lake.

Currently, WSA is investigating a potential project to divert water away from Big Quill Lake to Last Mountain Lake in order to prevent the rise and overflow of the Quill Lakes.

You can learn more between 1pm-8pm on Tuesday in Bulyea's Community Hall, during the same time frame Wednesday in Regina Beach at their town hall or on Thursday at the Wynyard Civic Centre, also from 1pm-8pm.

Local governments and concerned residents are being invited to a series of meetings to discuss this information and ensure they are informed of a potential project.