The Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils (OSAC) will be bringing MOTUS O - The Prisoner of Tehran to Watrous as part of their 2022/23 Stars for Saskatchewan Concert Series. 

The Prisoner of Tehran is a collaboration between Iranian-born writer/speaker Marina Nemat and MOTUS O. 

It’s a performance consisting of theatre, video, and storytelling that talks about themes of oppression, persecution, survival, and hope. 

“After the Islamic Revolution of 1979, Marina was arrested at the age of sixteen and spent more than two years in Evin, a political prison in Tehran, where she was tortured and came very close to execution. She came to Canada in 1991 and has called it home ever since,” says OSAC in a release. 

Prisoner of Tehran has toured much of Canada including performances to over 10,000 high school students. 

The show will make its way to the Watrous Civic Centre on Monday, March 27, at 7:30 pm.