SGI is reporting that 5,175 Saskatchewan Drivers were caught speeding in October, as part of their Traffic Safety Spotlight, and were met with an expensive ticket. 

SGI broke the tickets down into categories:

  • 243 tickets issued for exceeding the speed limit by greater than 35 km/h (tickets start at $538)

  • 54 tickets for exceeding the speed limit by more than 50 km/h (tickets start at $809, and comes with a seven-day vehicle impoundment)

  • 151 tickets for speeding in a school zone

  • 286 tickets for exceeding 60 km/h when passing an emergency vehicle, tow truck, or highway worker

  • 16 tickets for stunting

  • 1 ticket for street racing

SGI says in a release, “Thanks to the new penalties for stunting and street racing that were introduced Oct. 1, tickets for those offences are $580, plus four demerits. (Street racing also comes with a 30-day vehicle impoundment, and the ticket costs escalate for repeat offences.)”

They say excessive speed is one of the main factors in traffic-related deaths and injuries on Saskatchewan roads. In 2021, SGI reported 1,263 collisions in which speed was the main factor, resulting in 554 injuries and 20 deaths. 

“Posted speed limits are not suggestions. With snow and ice covering many of Saskatchewan’s roads and highways, it’s critical that drivers slow down to adjust to the road conditions.”

Other results from SGI’s October Traffic Safety Spotlight included: 

  • 484 impaired driving offences, including 283 Criminal Code Charges

  • 352 tickets for people not wearing a seatbelt, or not using the appropriate car seat or booster

  • 779 distracted driving tickets, including 664 for using a mobile device