A chilly winter is the perfect time to exercise your artistic interests. St. Peter’s College Student Government is on hand with a fun night of visiting and brush wielding with its first ever Paint Night. The event goes on Saturday, January 28 at 7:00 pm in the St. Peter’s College Gymnasium. 

The idea began when Student Government member Hannah Irlbeck said a family member, who has hosted paint nights, would be open to doing one for the community. Maureen Irlbeck Vandale, an art teacher at St. Lorenzo School in the Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools system, will be the leader. Maureen shares her artistic talents both within her classroom and with the community, delivering art classes and paint nights. Her forte is acrylic on canvas, but she continuously explores a variety of media. An alumna of St. Peter’s College, Vandale is delighted to have the opportunity to return and lead the paint night. 

“It’s meant to be a night out with your friends, family or coworkers,” said Paige Wuchner with the Student Government. “It’s a fun evening, and there’s no experience necessary.The Student Government will be around helping the host, so if anybody has any questions about the College, we can talk about the fundraiser.”

There is a target landscape picture that participants will paint, and through that, they can learn about colours, blending, brush techniques, and the other intricacies of creative painting. The gymnasium provides a bright open space with music and refreshments. 

A portion of the funds raised by the event will be going to a yet to be identified charity. The Student Government hosted a successful pre-Christmas food drive for the Humboldt District Food Bank. Each year, the Student Government commits to a legacy project for the College, so part of the funds will go to that. As well, funds may be used to offset personal cost of a ski-trip planned for the spring.

It’s sure to be an engaging and fun night out, resulting in a personal creation to take home. A registration deposit of $20 saves your spot; the cost of the evening is $60. To register, email your intent to noah.laybolt@gmail.com with your name and phone number along with any questions. Registration deadline is January 23.