When it comes to community groups sharing time, resources, energy, and straight-up fun, you have to go a long way to beat Humboldt and its surrounding lively cluster of communities. You’d need to look no further than the Humboldt and District Gallery on a brisk Thursday afternoon to figure that out. 

The Humboldt Broncos hockey club and their loyal fans from Futuristic Industries have always had an amazing bond, and the groups banded together again, with staff and resources from the Gallery and Humboldt Cultural Services, for a high-energy painting event.  

The Broncos team members were side by side with their artistic compatriots from Futuristic decalling and painting shirts, largely with themes of their favourite hockey team. Everybody loves the fun and energy when they get together.  

“It’s great to get to know the community and the guys who are supporting you,” said Bronco Connor Thue. “It’s fun to connect with your fans and encourage them to come to the games.” 

Local artists like Wayne Schidlowsky, Bronco board members like Laurie Warford, and Futuristic staffers including Stephanie Keller were all part of the mix. At the heart of it all were all the familiar smiling faces from Futuristic Industries – the people who greet us at hockey games and are always ready to support the community.  

“The Broncos over the years have always come out to support us, much as we support them,” says Director of Futuristic Industries Ray Whitton. “They’ve been really engaged with the guys and have supported them through some of our music endeavours and art. It’s a really great reciprocal relationship.” 

No doubt the shirts and adornments being crafted on Thursday will make their way to the EPA as the Broncos look to close out their season strong. There’s no mistaking the excitement these partners experience at a Bronco game, and there was no lack of energy at the Gallery for this special meet-up.