With farming season soon to be underway, a research group is looking for canola to help with their study.

Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute Researchers are hoping to further pursue a study they began in 2014 by monitoring canola used for summer storage.

Project Manager Dr. Joy Agnew explains why there is a need for the study.

"Two years ago, there had been a bumper harvest the previous fall, and a lot of grain transportation issues over the winter; which meant there was going to be a lot of grain stored on farm over the summer. All of the best management practices for storage of grain are desgined for over-winter storage. So there was a lot of questions about 'is the grain in my bin going to heat up with the sun beating down on the side and what should I do with it?' And at the time we didn't have a good answer."

Dr. Joy Agnew adds what the study needs for it to be a success.

"We're just looking for producers that have canola in storage, (or) that will be in storage until ideally August. Even the end of July we'll take it. "

Agnew describes what the procedure is for the grain used in the study.

"We evaulated 3 different bins. They were all canola bins, and they had dry canola that hadn't frozen over the winter. One bin we left alone, one bin we aerated to even out the temperature profile, and one bin we turned to even out the temperature profile. And we intensively monitored the temperature in the grain at nine different points.

When the study started back in 2014, the researchers used dry canola. Researchers are requesting a more damp crop to assist with the study.

The PAMI researchers are hoping to start collecting data by the end of May.

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