Humboldt and area residents are being encouraged to take a survey being conducted by Partner's Family Services.

The survey should be taken by parents and caregivers of children aged 0-12.

Teryn Ulriksen, Positive Parenting Program coordinator explained the purpose of the survey.

"Just looking to see what's alreday working well, and where things are lacking and if there is an avenue we can go down to fill that need we will see if that is something we can do."

The survey is accessible at all times said Ulriksen, "they can find it on the Partner's Family Services website, or on either one of our Facebook pages which is the 'Partner's Family Services' Facebook page or the 'Partner's Triple P' Facebook page and don't forget to 'like' us while you're on there."

Triple P is looking for information regarding the needs of parents in the area to better support them.

"It's just a quick survey that we've created that were hoping to get to as many people in the Humboldt and area that we can and hopefully we'll get some people to respond to the survey and take just a couple seconds there and fill it all out. It's just we're looking at the parenting needs of our area and how we can help assess what's going on, what we're doing well, what we're not doing well, and how we can help famillies get better support."

You can also click here to take the survey.

You can hear more from Ulriksen in her full interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork by clicking below.