The Horizon School Division has updated its major capital project in Kelvington with the renovations to the existing high school in preparation for the merging of the Robert Melrose Elementary School. 

The project was approved by the Ministry of Education in April of 2023 with a 35 percent budget approval coming down in December. Following that, it was time to get input on the design and construction.  

“We had two engagements with students, school staff, school community councils, division staff, Miners Construction, and the board member for Kelvington area,” outlined Jesse Green, communications for the Horizon School Division. “There was really good feedback through those and we’re all really happy with the design that’s been finalized. We’re now on track for this year long project.” 

Construction begins this summer with construction of the new bus loop, an addition to the main entrance, new play space preparation, and relocation and updates to utilities.  

“During the first phase, there will be work on the classrooms and the move of the office to the front of the building,” Green says.  “Moving forward, we expect little or no impact on our students during the year long construction. 

Other changes intended for the facility are the installation of a tarmac area for outdoor activities, relocating the therapy room for better access, and construction of a temporary access while the new entrance is constructed. Additional rooms will include a servery, breakout rooms, sensory and therapy rooms and storage space, with an adjusted layout for the library/learning centre. 

The goal is to have the construction completed by the opening of the 2025 school year. Green says the plan for migrating the students from Robert Melrose School to the K-12 school will be further down the road.  

A full look at the new design and its elements is online at