The regular meeting of City Council took place on April 25, overlooking many activities set to take place this summer. 

One such event looked at was the Summer Sizzler that will be returning; including the annual parade taking place Saturday, June 18.

Mayor Micheal Behiel stated at the meeting, “I think [approving the request] is a no-brainer. It’s nice to be able to get back into the public once again, and it’s a long standing tradition in the City. It benefits all ages and it’s definitely something we want to continue to promote.”

Councilmember Rob Muench agreed with Mayor Micheal, stating, “I think this is a really good idea to get [the parade] back on track, and I hope the businesses in the community get behind this. I know it’s been two years since we’ve had a parade, and I think it's been something that was really missed in the community.”

Approval from the City was granted to use the same route as in previous years, and close off the streets of the approved route. 

Map of the sizzler parade routeApproved route of the Summer Sizzler Parade. 

Following the approval of the parade, the council moved on to the much anticipated Canada Day Fireworks Show and sought approval to close 5th Avenue from 17th Street to Peck Road on July 1st. 

While deliberations took place, a comment was brought forth regarding the potential shortage of fireworks, with City Manager Joe Day stating he will look further into the matter. 

The recommendation to close the street for the allotted hours was approved by the City Council. 

Another item on the agenda was the Pride Rainbow Crosswalk. The reinstallation of the rainbow crosswalks on the east and west sides of Main Street was approved by the City. 

Mayor Micheal Behiel agreed with the approval but stated anyone who tampers with the sidewalk should face consequences. 

“Should anything happen to this [sidewalk] that happened to it last year, we should take some consideration into holding that person accountable so that we do not create a message of acceptance to those kinds of actions in this city.” 

Summer in Humboldt is sure to be filled with many activities and events.