It is a message often stated, but always needed.

Don't drink and drive.

Saskatchewan Government Insurance and police across the province continue to make an effort to advise the public against the dangerous feat while also being more present on the roads with various check stops.

"Whether you choose a designated driver in advance or plan to take a cab or maybe you stay the night or you call your mom to come get you, however you want to do it", suggests SGI's Kelley Brinkworth. "Just make sure you don't drink and drive."

Typically, the crown insurer uses their monthly spotlight on impaired driving in December with most people celebrating holidays with friends, family and co-workers.

A high number of those people believe that even with a small amount of alcohol consumed, they are safe to drive, which is never the case, added Brinkworth.

Penalties for impaired driving have also become more strict, she says.

"Last summer when the traffic laws changed in the province penalties for impaired driving got even tougher, so people now face longer license suspensions, immediate roadside vehicle seizures, there's mandatory ignition interlock for convicted impaired drivers."

Brinkworth insists people consider planning ahead and having a safe plan for driving this Christmas season.