Humboldt’s Emergency Services will be roaming the streets handing out tickets to those who haven’t done anything wrong, but rather something right. Emergency Services will stop individuals who are being safe, such as wearing a helmet while skateboarding, riding bicycles or scooters, crossing the street at marked crosswalks, showing good behaviour, wearing masks, or helping someone be safe. 

Safe Communities Humboldt & Area is kicking off its Positive Ticketing Campaign and will hand out a pre-packaged prize option available upon redemption at the Uniplex Admin desk. 

Through the campaign, local emergency service organizations will be on the lookout for those making safe choices around the community. If an emergency service sees someone doing good, they may stop them to give them a positive ticket. Tickets handed out could include a coupon for items such as a leisure pass, Mini Golf Pass, a free slushy, fleece blanket, water bottles, pop sockets and much more. 

Safe communities state the items are supplied by SaskTel, the Humboldt & District Chamber of Commerce, the City of Humboldt, Humboldt Co-Op and Safe Communities Humboldt & Area. SGI and SaskTel have also helped sponsor the program this year.

The program starts on May 15 and will continue until October 15. All tickets redeemed for a mini prize will be entered into the grand prize draw, which takes place in late October.