Jack Frost had a hold on us in 2014, but Humboldt and area could be seeing a nicer than average Winter this season.

John Paul Craig, a Meteorologist with Environment Canada is optimistic about our future forecasts. "For the month of December and probably the winter we are going to be looking at temperatures that are above average for this time of year."

Craig says the projections are for warmer temperatures, but not to start celebrating quite yet.

"Such huge fluctuations in temperatures (in Saskatchewan), from year to year and day to day. It looks like we should be warmer than average over the next couple of weeks. But we could see some cold artic air making its way into the province around mid next week, with the temperatures starting to cool off."

Craig also mentions that the warm weather we are experiencing should cool off in time for Christmas, to make it sure it is a white one.

"There's no for sure in this business but there is a good chance that we will be seeing some snow fall. So the chances are we will be seeing a white Christmas throughout Saskatchewan. With the temperatures in December all we need is one good snowfall to coat the ground and that snow will be sticking around."

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