Happy Pregnant Women’s Day”, set aside to honor all moms-to-be.We asked what’s the most unusual pregnancy craving you’ve heard of?

Crystal Boyko: It's not an unusual one but.....My oldest son had a nice rosie glow when he was born. I ate thousands of cherry Popsicles lol!

Allison Eichorst: I had a pickle craving with my first, ice tea slurpees with my third and nothing with my second, I was puking too much!

Shawna Welder: Eggo waffles. Ate them just about every morning. After I had the baby we had to throw them out due to freezer burn. Haven't ate them since.

Trisha Rioch: Boys were saurkraut...... Girl was sugar

Alicia Witte Kirzinger: Reese's peanut butter cups

Vanessa Lockhart: Pepsi slushes everyday for the first three months!

Alyssa Halvorson: Steamed Soya beans with sea salt

Krissi Barnes-Stuckel: Chicken and Honey!

LeeAnn Koski Schreiner: Popcorn chicken and romaine lettuce!

Carrie Hounjet Lemons!!: I ate them like oranges during both my pregnancies. Also craved fruit & A & W teen burgers with my daughter, and sugar/sweets with my son.

Darby Elizabeth Perkins: Orange juice and kiwis. All. The. Time.

Jasmine Messmer: Vegetable soup with a scoop of peanut butter...and always just wanted to eat soup everywhere i went lol

Monica Lyn Moore: Sour cream and nacho dorritos, and hot wings.. made me sick to eat them but I had to

Raeleen Hulan: Kraft dinner on the milky side and hotdogs mixed in

Jenna Perrot: With my youngest daughter it was just snow. Ice didn't cut it. My toddler and I would eat snow by the bowlfuls as a snack smile emoticon my husband said it was sure a good thing I was pregnant in winter wink emoticon

Robyn Keays: Toasted peanut butter and tomatoe sandwich!

Erin Schaefer: Saur kraut on cheese pizza, lol

Whitney Block: Anything dipped in franks red hot sauce

Heather Buhs: Orange Julius' and mushroom soup with my first and steak while pregnant with my second


Here are some wierd cravings recorded from a recent study! 

Strange pregnancy craving 1: Cigarette ashes

Weird pregnancy craving 2: Charcoal

Strange pregnancy craving 3: Soil

Strange pregnancy craving 4: Raw onion

Strange pregnancy craving 5: Paint

Strange pregnancy craving 6: Fried eggs with mint sauce

Strange pregnancy craving 7: Ice