Premier Scott Moe is off to the United States for the next six days. The trip south of the border will see the Premier head to New York City, and then Washington, D.C. 

This trip is to highlight Saskatchewan as a destination for global investment, as well as to advocate for continental energy security.  

"As Canada's closest trading partner and ally, the United States is a natural place for Saskatchewan to attract investment and showcase how we can be a stable and reliable source of energy products for North America," Moe said. 

The investment side of the trip will be in New York City. The goal of the talks there will be to underscore Saskatchewan’s advancements in sustainable natural resource development, as well as talking about carbon capture, enhanced oil recovery, nuclear energy and rare earth elements. 

In Washington, Moe will be joined by the former Minister of Energy and Resources, Bronwyn Eyre, who is now the Minister of Justice. The duo will meet with U.S. lawmakers to talk about Saskatchewan’s role as a reliable partner and source for energy and natural resource commodities.  

The delegation left for New York City Sunday and will head to Washington on Tuesday, where they will be joined by Eyre. The delegation will return to Saskatchewan on Friday.