Producers right across the prairies will benefit from the Alberta Wheat Commission’s new Price and Data Quote Site.

The site will improve a farmer’s ability to make well informed marketing decisions and to maximize the value of their crops.

John DePape with Farmers Advanced Risk Management says the site provides daily spot and forward bid pricing information from the Western Grain Elevator Association member companies for nine zones.

"You'll see regional prices, regional averages of five different commodities, spring wheat, amber durum wheat, CPS wheat, and canola, and peas, and we expect to be adding more commodities later."

Depape said the pricing information comes through the Western Grain Elevators Association,"everyday at about two o'clock they send to PDQ all of their price data on those commodities which means price data including spot bid, one month out all the way out to twelve months if they have it. Our server calculates the regional averages and displays that on the website."

The pricing information is available on the website at