With harvest well underway on the prairies, the canadian grain commission reminds producers to send in harvest samples.

So far they've received over 4000, but they're still looking for more samples of wheat, pulses, and oilseeds.

Program Manager Twylla Mckendry says the samples help the CGC to assess crop quality and collect data for potential buyers, but it also gives producers and unbiased indication of quality.

"They will get the grade for wheat, they will also get the protein, if it's an oil seed sample being canola or falx or mustard, they will get additional information as well as for canola they will get dockage."

They can always use more participation in the program said Mckendry, "were always looking for new producers to sign up because every year we lose producers becasue they've retired or they've rented out their land."

Mckendry says producers can sign up on the CGC website by October 15, and have until December to send in samples.