Professional Bull Riding is making its way to Humboldt on the grounds where the Broncos roam - Ford Broncos that is. 

Discovery Ford is hosting the PBR Battle of the Bulls in Humboldt on June 16, and the hooves will be hurtling in the most dramatic 8 seconds you’ve ever witnessed. The event is open to the public on the Discovery Ford lot with all the excitement of PBR right on the grounds. It’s happening in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of Discovery Ford, says Amy Doepker, marketing manager with Discovery Ford.

“Steve Dillabough, our principal, wanted to do something exciting to celebrate, so he decided to bring PBR to Humboldt,” says Doepker. “We’re really excited for this event; we’re expecting over 1,200 people to be coming to this.”

All of the fencing, bleachers, soil, tents and other necessities of the pro-event are being brought in on-site by the Discovery Ford crew, and the event will go rain or shine. The competition also provides residual benefits for non-profit service agencies in the area, Doepker explains.

“We’re also excited to be giving organizations the opportunity to raise funds for their projects. We have the Bill Brecht Park Upgrade signed up, along with the Lake Lenore and Humboldt Lions, Humboldt Minor Hockey, the Bruno Childcare Centre, the Muenster Childcare Centre, and the Muenster Elks so far signed up to volunteer and raise some money from their groups.”

Each of the organizations will provide services for the event from food and beverage service to hospitality, and each will take home the proceeds from their assigned sales or service area. 

It’s been a tremendous amount of work for the dealership in terms of logistics and providing all the necessary trappings for a national bull riding competition, but it’s been a labour of love The best athletes in the field will be on hand with the PBR circuit, and Discovery Ford aims to provide the best fan experience. 

Doepker says those fans can head to the Discovery Ford Facebook page or website for online ticket sales - online will be the online sales format. 

“All proceeds from the event itself, if there is any profit, will be donated back to the community in some way shape or form,” Doepker promises. “We’re excited to give back to the community in that way.”

Set Saturday, June 16 aside for a sporting experience like no other when the Battle of the Bulls comes to town at the Discovery Ford dealership on Highway 5 west.