Ball fans enjoying the action out at Centennial Park have been curious about the large containers perched at the south end. The City of Humboldt Community Services and Leisure Department is making progress on the Outdoor Rink and Flex Space being installed adjacent to the Skate Park. Those containers house the board system for the winter skating rink says Department Head Mike Ulriksen. 

City crews and contractors are preparing the base groundwork which should be complete over the next few days, Ulriksen notes. Once that’s complete, the next few weeks will see the 120’ by 180’ paved surface installed.

During the months of August and September, Ulriksen says that the fencing, lighting, and the pour-on sports surface will all be undertaken. Just prior to the winter skating season, the portable outdoor rink system, including the boards, will be set for installation.

The remaining work of installing the court netting to allow for tennis, pickleball, and ball hockey will all happen next spring. 

The flexible space will allow us to accommodate a wide range of year round sports usage,” says Ulriksen, “We are also working on a washroom/concession/warm-up building that will serve both the needs of the flex space, as well as the ball diamonds on the grounds.”

It’s all part of the plan to continue work on Centennial Park as an all purpose year round recreation destination in the city of Humboldt.