Now that we know the Liberal’s will form the next government the question becomes who will be in Justin Trudeau’s inner cabinet.

One of the jobs for the new Prime Minister will be selecting his Federal Agriculture Minister.

Provincial Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart says he’s prepared to work with whoever it may be.

"It was a very interesting election as all federal elections are like I say when you are too old to play hockey, politics is the best game around so it certainly was interesting. People of the province need to be assured that we will work with the new government and work hard with them to do what's in the best interest of our province and our country."

Stewart notes there’s a number of agriculture based issues to work on from trade and export issues like the trans pacific partnership to COOL, the CTA review and its impact on grain transportation as well as the importance of predictable science based regulations for the stability and progress of the ag sector into the future.

Gerry Ritz did a good job as Agriculture Minister especially when it came to trade, opening up and expanding our marketing opportunities according to Stewart.

Stewart says for Saskatchewan, exports are key, "exports are such an important part of it cause we export the vast majority of everything we produce in this province so you know being part of the trans pacific partnership is critical to Saskatchewan agriculture and Saskatchewan as a whole."

He added that it will be interesting to see who Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will appoint as the Country’s Federal Agriculture Minister, adding he’s willing to work with them to strengthen Saskatchewan and the country’s ag sector.