There’s more hard-hitting volleyball action on the court in Annaheim and at its partner school, Lake Lenore, as the 1A boys' provincials rolls in beginning Friday. On the heels of the girls 1A competition, Annaheim is once again gearing up for 10 teams to contest the provincial championship. Annaheim had a bronze medal showing in last weekend’s event. 

Meanwhile other local boys' teams in other categories will be hitting the road in pursuit of their provincial medals. The Muenster Cougars, co-oped with Englefeld School, make a journey south to Ponteix for the 2A provincial championships.  

Meanwhile, the 4A competition taking place in Melfort will see the HCI boys volleyball squad go up against their counterparts. All of the tournaments get under way at noon on Friday in their respective locations. 

For fans heading out to cheer on the Rebels in Annaheim, check out the tournament schedule. Times are subject to shifting based on factors such as game length.