Residents of Humboldt had a chance to see the start of the City's "Official Community Plan" Thursday night.

The OCP is a required document by law which lays out a decisive plan for the city's growth over a quarter of a century.

Crosby, Hanna and Associates Consultant Jim Walters met with residents during an open house.

He provides more details on their plan.

"We intend on finishing by the end of 2015, so we're actually going to have another open house later in the year. At that point we will re-present some of the material we had here tonight as well as a new zoning bylaw which is the next step in this process."

Walters talks about what they wanted to accomplish over the two hours.

"The future growth plan for the city which actually outlines different areas that the city will grow into over the next 25 years. The plan identifies residential, industrial and commercial growth areas and it was just walking people through that and how those areas will get developed over time."

The OCP is going to heavily rely on the "Our Humboldt" initiative that was completed last year. Along with that, a number of other factors need to be taken into consideration.

Walters admits plenty of aspects need to be involved considering the time frame the plan covers.

"A future growth and infrastructure study, we actually performed a foundation study for the city which looked at recreation programs, social programs and that type of stuff. We're working from a very comprehensive and recent set of background information including infrastructure data."

The plan that they will present to council is expected to cover growth up to 10,000 and even beyond that.

You can hear more from Walters below in his interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork below.