Many parts of Saskatchewan, particularly the southeast, are drying off after yet another Colorado low system moved through.

With spring seeding just getting underway in some areas, it is expected the rains will delay, while in the southeast, many producers have yet to be able to get into the field to start seeding thanks to the rainfall.

The amounts of rain varied throughout the province. Weyburn and area saw more than 65 millimetres of rain from when the system first moved in Thursday afternoon. Estevan received 46.9 millimetres, Moose Jaw 35.4 millimetres, Swift Current 13.5 millimetres and Humboldt 11.7 millimetres.

The rainfall also set records in a number of communities. Weyburn had a record 50.3 millimetres fall Friday. New records for Estevan were set Thursday and Friday, with 22.5 millimetres and 24.4 millimetres respectively.

There was also a new record set in Moose Jaw with 33.5 millimetres of rain falling Friday. There was also a new record set in Regina, where 34.9 millimetres fell on Friday.

The rainfall did have some people concerned about flooding in the heaviest hit areas. The Water Security Agency said they were watching the conditions, but weren’t too concerned about the possibility of flooding in the southeast.

“Along the Souris, we’re not too concerned at this point,” explained Sean Osmar with the WSA. “Rafferty and Boundary reservoirs still have some capacity to absorb additional flows. In some of those smaller tributaries, rivers and creeks, we’re kind of keeping an eye on.”

Osmar added the potential was there for the possibility of localized flooding in those smaller channels.

The conditions are expected to be a bit drier for much of the coming week, but there is the possibility of some showers in parts of the province over the coming days.