Gathering after an afternoon of riding at St. Gertrude Hall

A pair of snowmobile rally's put the fun in fundraising Saturday afternoon.

Club members from St. Benedict and St. Gertrude got on their snowmobile's and rode their respective trails for prizes and fellowship with good food and dancing afterward. Meanwhile all proceeds going back into each of their community's clubs.

St. Gertrude's Secretary Treasure Gelnda Rueve explains how they decide what to do with the fundraisers dollars.

"we just do it fund raise and over the year if their is some one that needs money  or some group that needs money, we talk about it and choose to donate"


Club President Chad Weisner

Despite the lack of snow in the area it didn't really stop any club members from coming out and bringing some type of A.T.V to enjoy the afternoon. Says St Gertrude's first year President Chad Weisner.

"The weather was really great! Warm enough, I guess, for everybody. We had quite a few sleds than quads that came out for the amount of snow we had."

The St. Gertrude Snowmobile Rally has been going for more than 20 years now.