Humboldt property taxpayers can expect to pay a bit more in the coming year following passage of the bylaw that brings the 2022 city property taxation rates into effect. Both the municipal and school portions of the taxes will go up 1.7 percent to make that rate the blended overall increase. 

Infrastructure levy and road base taxes will remain unchanged according to the proposal that was passed into bylaw at the May 24 meeting. Council recognized that there would be differences across the board when it came to specific types of businesses or dwellings, but the average rate increase would be the indicated 1.7 percent.

“We’re proud to be able to say that of the 16 cities in the province, the city of Humboldt is sitting at about sixth lowest of mill rates in the province,” noted Joe Day. “We haven’t changed our base taxes in a number of years, and the recommendation in this report is to again leave those base taxes where they are at.”

Day noted that properties at the lower end of the value spectrum would likely see a smaller percentage increase than those higher on the scale. The entire report is available on the City’s website. 

Councillor Rob Muench noted that while Humboldt was poised sixth lowest in terms of rates, some cities with lower tax increases included Martensville and Warman, newer cities with fewer infrastructure repair needs.

The City expects home and business owners to receive their tax assessments in June.