In celebration of National Nursing Week which happened from May 8 - 14, the RBC Foundation donated $10,000 to support and train nurses at the Humboldt District Hospital. 

“This donation from the RBC Foundation will allow for two Registered Nurses in Public Health to become Certified Lactation Consultants for the Humboldt district, and cover all registration and exam costs,” said Lorrie Bunko, Executive Director, Humboldt District Hospital Foundation. “This means that mothers, who live in our rural area, will now have support for breastfeeding-related issues once they are discharged from hospital following childbirth. The number of newborns in the district is steadily increasing, and currently, we don’t have any nurses that are Certified Lactation Nurses, so this will have a real impact.”

The funding will also provide support to acute care nurses at the Humboldt and District Hospital, adding additional training to mental health education and other resources for safe patient care. 

“The donation and show of support couldn’t have come at a better time for the nurses at the Humboldt District Health Complex,” said Bunko.

 Recent Statistics Canada data shows that Canadian frontline healthcare workers are feeling strained and overloaded.

 In July, Statistics Canada reported 23,620 vacant nursing positions in the first quarter of 2022 (up 219% from 2019), and an all-time high of 136,800 job vacancies within the health sector throughout the first quarter of 2022. Recent data released by Mental Health Research Canada also shows that healthcare workers, and nurses in particular, were profoundly impacted by the pandemic. 

“RBC recognizes the impact that nurses have in our healthcare system is unparalleled. Dedicated, committed, and always answering the call no matter the sacrifice, they are our caregivers and comforters during our deepest times of need,” said Kim Ulmer, RBC Regional President, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nunavut, and Western Ontario. “We aim to give back to nurses through a donation supporting their continuing education and professional development, to refresh their skills and open more opportunities for their career options and advancement.”

Nurse (Grey cardigan):  Tabitha Cropper, Mother:  Brittany WickenhauserNurse (Grey cardigan):  Tabitha Cropper, Mother:  Brittany Wickenhauser