Saskatchewan RCMP Major Crimes unit has released a trio of suspect sketches in relation to a homicide that occurred south of Stockholm and Esterhazy on February 10. The investigation continues and RCMP states that area residents will see a continued increase of police presence as they try to track down three suspects. 

The suspects are listed as: 

  • Suspect #1:

    • Male, believed to be in his 20’s;

    • Approximately 6’ 2” tall

    • 180-200 pounds, slender build

    • Piercing/scar or absence of hair on left eyebrow;

    • May have a lower stomach tattoo;

    • Face was covered by a thin neck warmer/tube pulled up

    • Wearing a black beanie-style head covering/hat

    • Dark-coloured Carhartt/work-style jacket with a lighter-coloured “sherpa” style liner

  • Suspect #2:

    • Male, believed to be older than suspects #1 and #3

    • Approximately 5’ 11”;

    • Approximately 210 pounds;

    • Face was covered by black balaclava

    • Sparsely-haired moustache visible

    • Tattoos:

      • Small pointed tattoo near the corner of left eye (possibly a teardrop or arrow);

      • Top of arched tattoo partially visible under facial covering near the top of the left cheekbone, under the left eye;

  • Suspect #3:

    • Male

    • Shorter than suspects #1 and #2;

    • Approximately 200-240 pounds;

    • Face was covered by a thin neck warmer/tube pulled up

    • Wearing a black beanie-style head covering/hat

    • Wearing what is believed to have been a “Red Dragon Apparel” hoodie.  There was a large “Red Dragon” logo on the front, no zipper;

Suspect 2 Esterhazy homicideSuspect 2


Suspect 3 Esterhazy homicideSuspect 3

Investigation has also determined the suspects drove a vehicle to the scene and left in it after stealing and setting the home owner’s vehicle on fire. Previous reports had the victim’s vehicle stolen and left burning on a grid road. There are no descriptions of the suspect vehicle at this time. 

RCMP have also narrowed down the items stolen. They include three long-barreled firearms and a significant amount of ammunition.

If you believe you know who one or any of these individuals are, or have information to share related to these sketches, contact your nearest RCMP Detachment or police service immediately or call 310-RCMP in non-emergencies.