With the impending spring storm set to take over southeastern parts of Saskatchewan, the RCMP want to remind drivers to be prepared.  

The spring storm is forecast to bring a significant amount of snow and high winds to southeastern Saskatchewan starting later today, and RCMP wanted to give a few tips in anticipation of poor road conditions. 

  • Before travelling, check the weather forecast for both your current location and destination. If travel can be delayed during storm warnings, do so.
  • For information on highway conditions/closures in your area, please consult the Highway Hotline by clicking here. 
  • Scrape all the ice off your windows before driving – if you can’t see, you can’t drive safely!
  • Remove all snow from your vehicle, including from your headlights, taillights and roof.
  • Slow down on slippery or snowy roads.
  • Be gentle and smooth when you accelerate, brake or steer.
  • Using cruise control on icy or snowy roads can be dangerous. If you skid, your vehicle will accelerate and rapidly spin its wheels as it tries to maintain a constant speed.
  • Be prepared for anything: consider stocking your vehicle with extra warm clothes, candles, matches, non-perishable snacks, a snow shovel, traction mats, booster cables and a tow rope or chain.
  • If you become stranded on the highway, do not leave your vehicle. Turn on your vehicle periodically to warm up, but try to conserve fuel. Make sure your tailpipe remains clear of ice and snow, or carbon monoxide could potentially seep into your vehicle.

Although Humboldt won't receive much of the storm, RCMP wants to remind travellers to stay safe during the storm.