Football, Fundraising, and The Humboldt District Hospital Foundation are going to unite for the annual Walk, Run or Bike this year.

This years event is going to have a Grey Cup Theme, with many prizes available to be won, such as a riders jersey, a pizza party, water bottles, and much more.

Lorrie Bunko, executive director for the HDHF, explains that this years event will take place "On September 29th, which is a Sunday this year. we've changed it up a little bit because highway 5 is just increasing in traffic a little bit and for the safety of our volunteers and participants we will be starting and finishing at the Pioneer Hotel this year."

Registration is available on their website, or on The Running Room.

Bunko also explains that the money from the event will "go back to the Humboldt District Hospital Foundation. It is supporting our campaign goal amount, so whatever we receive off this just gets us that much closer to the $750,000 goal."

To date the organization has raised nearly $260,000.

To hear Bunko's interview with Bolt FM's Jacob Michael, click below.