The Reid Thompson Library gratefully received a donation of $3000 from the Humboldt Co-op. The money will provide for a series of special additions to one important component of the library’s collection, said Head Librarian Kate Lucyshyn.

“We intend to use the donation from the Humboldt Co-op to augment our large print collection of books. Not only do we provide large print books for our regular patrons, but we also supply three of the local homes in Humboldt with materials to lend out to their residents. We change those items out every six weeks.”

To meet the demand for the circulation in the homes, the library needs to maintain a collection of over 200 large print books, Kate explains. That means their large print collection needs to grow to meet continual demand.

“A large print book costs us, on average, about $45. So this will go quite a way to purchasing more of those items that we need.”

The donation allows the library to free up resources for other materials. Book and large print book lovers thank the Humboldt Co-op for its generosity.