Renovations are continuing at Kelvindell Lodge in Kelvington and as reported by the Kelsey Trail Health Region the progress is ahead of schedule.

Kelsey Trail Health Region Vice President of Integrated Health Services, Pam McKay explains exactly how far ahead they are.

"We're actually four months ahead of originally planned so because of that we will have to move four residents from the nursing home to the hospital in order to open one wing up so they can start the renovations one wing at a time."

Public Health will also be relocated within the hospital to accommodate the relocation of the residents.

"Again it comes back to having to make that move from the long term care facility into the hospital for a short period of time," McKay continued. "As soon as other openings open in the other two wings those people that have been relocated from the hospital will move back to the nursing home."

She stresses it's not the most ideal situation for the patients and their families it will all be worth it in the end.

"We'll have an integrated facility where we have long-term care, acute care and primary healthcare all under one roof. Very convenient for the community and a nice addition."

The renovations are expected to last 16 more months with a Spring of 2017 completion date.

You can hear more from McKay in her interview with Bolt FM's Angie Dukart below.